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Win in the Nations’ Cup in Morsele/BEL  
Lars could celebrate his first win in a Nations’ Cup as national coach of the juniors and young riders with the junior team in Morsele/BEL. With the team composition Victoria Klatte (Lastrup) with Can be Good, Guido Klatte (Lastrup) with Armitage, Maurice Tebbel (Emsbüren) with Chevignon and Laura Klaphake (Steinfeld) with Qualdandro, the German junior riders (8 penalties) could win the Nations’ Cup ahead of the, in each case second placed English and Belgian (12 penalties) teams.
National Coach Lars Meyer zu Bexten received a typical water ditch-bath after this furious win of his team. With the words “I hope many baths will follow”, Lars took this cold and damp refreshment calmly. Equally relaxed he can now look at the next performance test of his winning juniors, the “Preis der Besten” from the 20th to 22nd of May in Warendorf, the national showdown of the best German junior riders.