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Announcement of the squad  

The departure is coming closer and after the last two Nations’ Cups in Lamprechtshausen and Hagen a.T.W., the squads for the European Championships have now been fixed. Following riders have been nominated for the European Championships in Comporta/ Portugal from the 6th until the 10th of July:

Children: Daniel Böttcher (Fraunberg) with Cornelia, Leonie Krieg (Villingen-Schwenningen) with Quiloa du Tillard, Jesse Luther (Wittmoldt) with Quite Nice, Celine Schradick (Oldendorf) with Contento and Frederike Staack (Lasbek) with Coolman H. Reserves are Gregor Fischer (Bad Griesbach) with Piona and Philip Koch (Tasdorf) with Cracker Jack.

Juniors: Maurice Tebbel (Emsbüren) with Chevignon, Lena Pollmann-Schweckhorst (Warstein) with Bandit, Laura Klaphake (Steinfeld) with Qualdandro, Kendra Claricia Brinkop (Neumünster) with Leonardo B and Vincent Elbers (Garrel) with Tindorette. Reserve is Niklas Krieg (Villingen-Schwenningen) with Panama.

Young Riders: Katrin Eckermann (Kranenburg) with Carlson, Andreas Kreuzer (Marienheide) with Cortez, Maximilian Weishaupt (Wallenhorst) with Georgia, Patrick Stühlmeyer (Mühlen) with Rubin-Ascot and Andreas Theurer (Hamburg) with Lupus. Reserve is Janine Rijkens (La Ramm).

(Source: fn-press)