We always have a small but superior selection of highly talented jumpers and hunters in our stables. You'll also often find very good, well-trained amateur horses, which represent a good introduction to competitive sport.

Through our contacts we are able to inspect horses of all different performance categories for you, and can put together a selection which meets your needs.

Naturally, we also take care of making local hotel reservations for our foreign clients, offering them an airport shuttle service and arranging all appointments. If required we can also arrange transportation of your new horse and offer comprehensive advice on the care, training and feeding of the horses.

Large numbers of riders from all over the world have succeeded in finding just the right horse at the Meyer zu Bexten stables:


Capone, gelding, born in 1999 | Rider: Jacqueline Lai (HONG KONG)
Successful in international jumping classes up to 1.55 m


Caballero, gelding, born in 2002
| Rider: Daniel Deusser (GERMANY)
finalist in Aachen Grand Prix 2010


Acara, mare, born in 1999 | Rider: Denise Sulz (GERMANY)
3rd in Nörten-Hardenberg Grand Prix 2010




We are also interested in acquiring high-calibre young jumpers. Contact us if you would like to offer us a highly talented young horse.

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